Mentat simplifies the job search, so you can get back to the more important things in life.

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About us

Based in San Francisco, we are focused on evening the playing field for jobseekers.

Saad Rizvi


Before starting Mentat, Saad worked at McKinsey and Pearson. In his spare time, he guest lectures at Harvard University.

Frank Yang


Prior to co-founding Mentat, Frank worked at Morgan Stanley as an ETF trader. He comes from a family of business entrepreneurs.

Minza Zahid

Business Development

Minza has helped shape business strategy at some of the world’s best consumer retail, apparel, and pharmaceutical companies.

Zaid Mansoor


Before building Mentat, Zaid developed software for multi-national corporations and innovative, venture-backed startups.

Michelle Trimpe

Career Advisor

Michelle is a thought leader in professional development, having led student affairs at several universities globally.

Eunice Shin

Graphic Designer

Eunice is responsible for driving Mentat’s creative direction through campaigns and art direction, with expertise in design and UI.

Cassie Crockett

Education Partnerships

Cassie has worked with governments, non-profits, and education companies to transform the outcomes that they deliver.

Nick Montana


Nick is a chief evangelist, connecting with our core userbase. Nick has a background in finance and startups in the Bay Area.

Aijaz Hussain

Career Advisor

Aijaz is a business graduate with expertise in education management and journalism, having consulted for top schools in Asia.

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